Envisioning the Liveable 20 Minute City

Wed 2 October 2013
9:00am — 6:30pm
Room G06, Sidney Myer Building

Melbourne’s aspirational future is the 20-minute City – so say the planners and politicians. What does this compressed connectivity mean for the design of our communities and our neighbourhoods?

A 20-minute City suggests a compact local city based upon our work, recreation and social lives played out only 20 minutes from home. What does this mean for the provision of the systems on which we rely – energy, ecology, economy and culture?

What does such a city look like? How can scripting ‘your’ house, garden, neighbourhood, street, train station and cityscape work towards a design manifesto? What does the 20-minute city offer in terms of services and facilities? Is the 20-minute City a realistic plan for the future? How will it work for your family and friends and for you?

This exhibition showcases the work of shortlisted candidates for the “20 minute city” student competition. Students have investigated ideas and designs for ways to improve on and grow the ideas of liveable 20 minute communities where people can walk, cycle and use public transport.

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