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Monday 23 September
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Thursday 26 September
Friday 27 September
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Saturday 28 September
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Monday 30 September
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9:30am — 11:30am

Imagine 2033: How We Achieved A Healthy and Sustainable Post-Carbon World

Take a journey to the future to examine what the world would look like if we were able to transition beyond fossil fuels

1:00pm — 2:30pm

The Liveable City

Explore how designers and planners from across the world are approaching major challenges posed by a drastic increase in urbanisation

3:00pm — 4:30pm

Country, Place and Wellbeing

Learn how social and built environments impact on cultural identity in the 21st century

3:00pm — 4:30pm

Are We Manufacturing Allergies?

What are the myths and realities of the 21st century “Allergy Epidemic?"

9:30am — 11:00am
12:30pm — 2:15pm

Medicalising Normality

What constitutes a real disease and the dangers of diagnostic inflation

2:45pm — 4:30pm

Children and Young People: Contributing Hope and Building Resilience

How can children’s rights and opportunities for meaningful participation be increased in today’s Australia?

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11:00am — 12:15pm

Exploring the Networked Brain

How have e-technologies and social networking platforms changed the way in which we interact?

3:00pm — 4:30pm
10:00am — 11:40am

Is Democracy Working?

What can be done to make the system better? Would democracy revival deliver a better outcome?

12:30pm — 2:00pm

Democracy: The Solutions

Would democracy revival or a technocracy deliver a better outcome for Australia?

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Tuesday 8 October
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